Singel Hamburg

The ongoing success story’s latest chapter is the recently released volume number 55! With over 2.7 billion views, it is undoubtedly one of the most successful music formats and is now available on Myvideo and Clipfish as well as youtube. Two episodes are shot every week, which keeps the fans up to date with the newest news from the scene!

Wäre super, wenn jeder eine Kleinigkeit mitbringt (wirklich nur eine Kleinigkeit, sonst wird es erfahrungsgemäß zuviel).

Kontor’s rapid growth saw initial successes for local Hamburg DJs and producers.

Word filtered through to acts from other parts of the country and beyond.

He has gone on to collect gold and platinum awards around the globe, selling six-figure amounts in the USA where he tours frequently throughout the year.De garage heeft een ruime parkeercapaciteit en is uitstekend geschikt voor een bezoek aan het centrum van Alkmaar en het nabijgelegen ziekenhuis. Wist je dat je in Alkmaar met je mobiele telefoon per minuut betaalt? Frauen wien treffen Soms veranderen tarieven, let daarom altijd bij het parkeren op de parkeertarieven op de parkeerautomaat Heeft u een foutje gezien of wilt u een tip doorgeven?Every quarter, Kontor presents its favourite dance hits of the moment in a beautifully packaged, expertly compiled DJ mix CD set. FM" launched in March 2012 and already has over 313,000 subscribers via the Spotify streaming service, giving immediate access to Kontor playlists featuring the newest Kontor tracks and classics from the Kontor vaults.The Kontor Top Of The Clubs series is an absolute institution, regularly entering the German charts in the top 3 positions and #1 in i tunes rankings. TV” was created in 2006 and now has over 3 million subscribers on the You Tube channel alone. The newest „Kontor baby“, is the You Tube channel „KEDC“ (Kontor Electronic Dance Channel), where everything is focused around the subject of electronic music, parties and lifestyle.

Singel Hamburg

Kontor has risen to the status of a global player, an international electronic dance music operation to be reckoned with.It all began as a hot Hamburg night club, a musical platform for local DJ talent, progressivly earning a worldwide reputation for superlative dance music. are just some of the acts who have become closely associated with Kontor in recent years. DJ and musical mastermind Jens Thele set things in motion back in 1995, opening a club for house parties in a distinguished Hanseatic commercial house (Kontorhaus in German) in Hamburg’s city centre.Hamburg ist Deutschlands inoffizielle Singlehauptstadt. Neben Single-Aktivitäten wie After-Work Segeltörns auf der Alster und Jumping Dinners bei wechselnden Gastgebern gibt es mit Dating-Portalen und Online-Partnervermittlungen auch im Netz vielfältige Gelegenheiten, der Liebe zu begegnen. dating komplett kostenlos Heidelberg Sie würden gerne wieder einmal Ihr Herz in einer ernsthaften Partnerschaft verschenken? Die Zahl der Einzelhaushalte in Deutschland steigt ständig.The track stayed on pole position in the German single charts for many weeks, was in the Top Ten of the Shazam Charts and thereby helped Lost Frequencies to score his international breakthrough.

In a state of the art office space overlooking the Hamburg docklands, Kontor’s home since 2004, Kontor works on marketing its repertoire all over the world.

In just five years, Kontor New Media has established itself as the go-to company for digital distribution.

One could call Kontor Top Of The Clubs the mother of all Kontor compilations, as this is where it all began.

International producers came knocking on Kontor’s door, each additional name doing its bit to spread Kontor’s fame across the world map: ATB, Blank & Jones, Ferry Corsten, Tiësto, Spiller, Sunbeam, Trance Allstars, The Underdog Project and so on.

"We place great importance on long-term artist relationships and development, always looking to create album projects", Jens Thele explains, nicely summing one of the secrets to Kontor’s success. The Bochum DJ and producer has been with Kontor since 1998.

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